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welcome to lifezooming.com,

A distinctive personal blog coined from young mind’s views of life,where moments of life from happy to challenging meets crafting.

If you have struggled with achieving any goal from the least such as loosing a pound to the very biggest like learning how to climb a tree (haha, that is challenging enough) and you want a glimpse of how others walk through it then lifezooming is your front row VIP.

Not just for the hard knock side of life but you can also derive pleasure leisure.

Entertainment and stories that gives you experience to build your own.

we are opened up for series from time to time, series as food,self management plans,fitness and many more.to follow this series simply follow lifezooming.com .your favorite lifestyle blog. we hope you find it intriguing as much as we do.

About me

Hello I am Mfa, I created this online home for myself a year ago when I was doing a lot of thinking so that I could get through that stage of my life. Along the line I felt the need to share and here we are.

After I graduated from college where I read food science and technology(the love for food started way back) I started playing basketball (not professional) and visiting the gym more frequently.

It all felt good and nice. Then work came in. The challenge of adulthood you know. I must confess sometimes I wished I remained that baby of the house.

Yea in other to save my situation, because it seemed every other person had it figured out so I had to do too.

Before I started my blog, i use to wake up 30 minutes to my work time. you know where am headed. Terrible time management skill, some times I applied my make up before I realized I didn’t brush.

Don’t be shocked. You can easily imagine me running over everything just so i could get to the door and off to work.

So this safe place on the internet is where I can share all that tells of life as I have experienced and bring stories of others which may help some one as well.

On a more personal note

I love celebrity lifestyle, chic fashion.

I like to learn new things that are meaningful,such as learning to live more intentional,and then follow Jesus.

I like food,I just eat and eat……….. of course right. One dirty habit is my love for ice cream and chocolate;this two in a mixture is what i will sell you for. No no, I wont.

Thanks for visiting lifezooming.com.