So, being one hell of a lazy and slow person, (oh yes I just admitted that) I have been looking for a way to commit to my goals, and stay true to them.

 Since I became an adult and I had no choice but to be responsible for myself, I have been looking out for a realistic strategy to help me commit to my goals.

Yes, you guessed right, I read books; a tone of books: Brian Tracy’s, the secrets, the power of positive thinking. There’s one; eating the frog or something, just something very close to that. But at the end I couldn’t just practice for long

While all the principles explained and experimented in these books may remain true till tomorrow, they didn’t work for me. I mean not completely but after practicing for some time, I would just abandon one and go to another and so never settled.

Our approach to goals

After deciding what goals you want to achieve, it is typical to start looking for ways to commit to them and actualize them. So, activities like making vision boards, setting triggers, creating personal space and time and reading books to derive motivation.

I am familiar with all that law of attraction, all the positive thinking mantra, I have read many of this books, I kept coming back to that same point. I am not disputing the works of all these people, not at all.

Yet I want to say one thing; in every ten that read these books out there, there is a one that feels overwhelmed with work to be done and the results the process is meant to yield. Focusing on the results sucks. It is disappointing that you won’t see them before you give up.

What the message says?

Some of us the way we are wired, we just want something simple; a job description that is just one line,  recipe that has simple ingredients in very simple English, just very simple processes.

If you are that person and you have been looking for a way to help you work towards committing to your goals then here we are finally.

I stumbled over the message of pastor Michael Todd of transformation church and his message was the total package.

It says ‘focus not on the results but on your resolve’.

Do you still need me to talk about it?

Oh yes! I will

In the course of trying to achieve your goals, it may be tempting to give up considering that after a number of days of working towards it and no results are evident.

But you will be able to go on if you choose to commit to the resolve.

What is the resolve?

When you have a goal before you, there is a resolve to that goal and the result which it brings. While the result is what we are looking for, the resolve is the ride to it.

What is the goal? To make money, to lose weight or to finally have a girl as your girlfriend or to own a good business? There has to be a resolve to work smart and hard, to go to the gym and eat right or to make advances to the girl in question respectively.

Committing to the resolve means you stick to the process even when results are not showing up as soon as you expect.


Reggie Rivers on tedtalk said he wanted a girl to be his girlfriend but didn’t ask her out. For a whole year, that had been his goal until he actually made a move, he asked her out and of course she said no.

 But this guy committed to his resolve, following her to her home economics class where he was the only boy apart from another dude who was already there for only God knows the reason.

The good news is Sandra actually became his girlfriend for 14 days.  He committed even though girl kept saying no. OK, while this may be way out of your scope, it shows the effect of a resolve.

Pastor Michael in his situation wanted to lose 30 pounds of weight so he resolved to going to the gym and eating right every step of the way. What happened when he climb the scale after two weeks is he gained 2 more pounds.

There is nothing more discouraging, when you work out and you look into the mirror to see the same person. To climb the scale and find out you have gained more weight is a dismissal note.

But he committed to his resolve, and after six months, am glad to announce to you that results were obvious, he couldn’t be happier.

Look at a situation where I started a YouTube channel at the same time with a friend in October last year. After two weeks I could not make up to 10 subscribers.

 Of course I hide it from my social media pages because I have some real mean people there. So I stopped I just stopped posting videos but my friend continued. Today he has up to 2k subscribers.

The principle

The principle of focusing on the resolve is just everything. While you feel like giving up or quitting, it just tells you to continue with no reasons.

Yea! Maybe if it gives you reasons why you should continue you will have a reason why that reason to resolve does not apply to you. So, it’s entirely cool as it gives us no reason.

You just have to keep on doing that which you have got to do.

I took hold of this message for a while now and surprisingly it has brought results more than anything. Sometimes I take a break when the pressure is just too much but its ok. As long as you don’t quit, it’s ok.

All I have been trying to tell you all this while is; Focus on the resolve not the results


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