Five (5)must have android apps that are absolutely free

Do you know you can actually read any book at anytime and anywhere at no cost on your android phone?

How about if you can be you own favorite celebrity

Let’s see about if you can have an assistant without incurring any costs. Yes I know it sounds incredible yea! All you need to do is download them apps! Hear me clearly “just download” not “buy”

Of course there are some apps that work in a like manner but there is always a point of peculiarity. And on this basis I think it’s good to share these ones I have familiarized with and crave up my experience with you so that it will be easy for you to choose.

When you have a very serving app on your phone it makes you happy, I don’t know if I am the only person that feels this way but I believe it’s a common feeling.

You must not be addicted to your phone before you equip it with many wonderful apps. By the way a survey was conducted by a mobile phone company and they found out that only 5% of the ability of the small phones was used by owner, not to talk of the sophisticated android phones.

I only came to agree with this survey when I found out some very interesting apps I can use on my phone at my comfort without spending a dime which I only came to find out lately.

So you can get this apps, use them and be happy or help someone out of a yang using them and look like a lord to them.


 There was a point I was feeling down, like down in the dumps, I had an exam to right and I couldn’t drop my phone for a minute. I was always on social media. So, now ask me how can I read for my coming exams?

I got Anybooks on my android phone, it provided me with all the books I needed for self help. Ranging from religion, inspiration, self help, romance (yes its important) and after dealing with myself, it provided me with the educational books I needed to read for the exams. Oh! How sweet, it is a therapy on its own.

  Anybooks is an app that allows you access to any book at anytime and anywhere. You must not like reading to have this app right? Yes. It has a text-to-speech option which does the reading for you if you are tired or just lazy. It permits you to read a downloaded copy off line as well. It also present books in about 20 different languages.  

So, anybooks is got your back. All you need do is download it from play store , very simple to use . it has books of all genres you can think about.


 How about an app that can allow you edit you videos in an almost perfect way? Yes, such that you watch yourself and feel like a movie star. With videoshop, I usually watch my videos at a minimum of 10 times at a stretch. Yes just because they make me feel great.

You know that glorious moment when you see yourself on screen? At least your phone screen.

Videoshop is an app that allows you do it better; it provides features like slow motion, reverse play, fast motion, voice, music and many more. You can trim, cut out any unwanted parts from your video.

Music can be added from your personal library or playshop’s library.

If you can feel good about a normal video from the normal camera, come to think of how glorious it will feel when you use this app. It allows you to select just the clip you want to put to slow mo with in a long video.

This app is also quiet easy for you to find your way around.


This app is a planner that helps to arrange your day, week, month and so on. If you are looking for a way to boost your productivity then here is one app that does it in kind.

Not everybody can afford a personal assistant.  Evernote keeps your list for you in a healthy and organized way. It allows you to take notes in a variety of ways including text, photos, and audios.

It has a special optical feature that is able to highlight important parts of a picture to put through. For instance you put a picture of a complimentary card, it will screen out d address, phone number for you.

its a very easy to use app.


 What is life without music?  No life. This is a superb app for music streaming. It allows you to select about 15 playlist and play up to 720 songs at a very considerable data rate for you allowance. It allows you to also play locally stored audio files.

The premium account allows you access to selected albums before they are released.

It has up to 21million likes on their page and a 4 star rating almost a 5.

WPS office

This is a free office suit on android mobile and tabs. Its a microsoft word compatible app that comes in handy on your android phone. It is not all the time you will be willing or even allowed to carry your pc around.

This app allows you to open files, convert pdf files to editable doc, docx formats instantly. It is also compatible with google,point and excel.

It also allows you to split or merge the pages for pdf conversion, bulk output and more text formats

I hope you find one at least handy


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