Bad energy is everywhere today, it’s on rampage. Even friends and family initiate it and yet remain innocent such that you cannot even blame them because they label it being protective.

So, the need to motivate one’s self is called for everyday.

There are several ways to motivate yourself in other to reach your goals.

The truth is; self motivation is one common attribute among successful people. Most times, our focal point of motivation may only exude disappointment and discouragement.

Even family and friends may not motivate you when you are about to climb the most remarkable heights of your life because they for some reason care about you and would not want you to take such risk in life.

Even our own selves can be a source of bad vibes if we do not know how to motivate ourselves when things turn sour.

So how do you motivate yourself? I have put together four (4) very effective ways to help employ self motivation.

Look this four (4) ways to motivate yourself like it’s no ones business

1.Create a vision board: I remember back then in collage, the school made a vision board that was always standing in front of the auditorium so that at least every student and staff saw it at least once a day. Great organizations create mission boards and paste around every place of interest so that their workers and customers get to see it every now and then. That way, it always rings a bell, consciously or unconsciously that everyone has a task and a destination to make it to.

Now treat yourself like that great entity you want to see some day. Create a vision board. Paste it where it is going keep coming into you face all day. You can paste on your door…..on the door of the refrigerator so that anytime you want to get a beer, it’s right there in your face, or water …. Just anything.

You can make it your wall paper on your cell phone or even your personal computer where it can be in your face just all the times so that whenever you are feeling like lying down in bed all day eating bananas because everything just seems too hard to  crack then, boom! It is still there staring you right in the face telling you not to slash that blanket over your body but get up your butt.

Vision boards remind you that you have a destination you have reached yet just when you feel like stopping.

2.Go ahead and take action: A lot of people think motivation it’s going to fuel you to be able to get up and start doing. But the reverse is definitely the case ok ? So… do you still think you have to be motivated in order to start doing something? It’s not all the times, in fact most of the times all you need do is start doing, take action.

Motivation will cabbage if you don’t act all. The fact that you know what to do is enough.

When you take action, results starts to fall in you begin to see prospect and here comes your motivation from no one but by shear implementation.

You should even know that no one will see the need to encourage you from their heart until you do something and they see prospects.

3.Create a reward system for yourself: being mentally conscious that you have a reward at the end of a task gives you a lot of zeal and determination to accomplish it.

 Set milestones of your project and attach a reward for yourself at the end of each one.

You can do this in many ways may be by rewarding yourself with an outing with friends, sometimes you can give your money to friends and tell them to return it to you only if you are able to accomplish so so so and so so task within this set period of time. See how fun it is?

4.Advice yourself: so you need someone to tell you some things, some sweet words of encouragement like: baby, everything is going to be fine… just go ahead and start…. Winners never quite…just stop bothering yourself over nothing sweetheart……take this step and all the rest but you find no one? now I tell you there is someone. Get yourself seated in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Do a deep mind cleansing by saying all the things you can to remove the fear in that person looking onto you in that mirror. Tell him/her every motivational stuff you will want to hear at that in time and you will see how determined and strong you will leave feeling.

So are you still waiting for someone to motivate to you to get on your game? If yes then… coming.

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