Getting unstuck

If you are the loyal reader to my blog posts, you must have noticed my inconsistency over the couple of months that just transcended.

I was stuck, (both hands and feet in the mold) it was difficult for me to decide on a way to move forward with everything. Considering the pandemic and how other bloggers quickly took a new turn to create content concerning it, I on the other hand was in a fix.

I felt like there’s already enough content on this stuff and by the way I didn’t even like to hear about it or even talk about it. I won’t even refer to it by name Instead I would refer to the virus as you-know-what just like Voldemort in Harry Potter.

I will think to myself, if I write any other kind of content, will people find it reasonable? Because it seems they don’t want to hear about any other thing than you-know-what. So I was stuck

But should you remain stuck forever?

Just before you feel small for being stuck, I want to bring you this good news that anyone can be stuck.

Martin Luther king was stuck for year while working on publishing his work on justification by faith, King David in the bible was stuck and he cried to God, Albert Einstein also felt stuck when he needed help with advanced math, and many great people have been stuck. The key is just don’t remain there

Being stuck can be stern from external conditions such as the obstacles we face in trying to get something done or it could be internal where the cause is within us. Such as the games our minds play, feeding us pathetic thoughts with validation and rational so that we see every reason to hold on to such thoughts and then comes being stuck.

If you look at me, you won’t think I have a relationship with being stuck because the amount of confidence that streams my face is always more than that which I feel inside (which is not small either).  Regardless of how much control you have, anyone can be stuck; it doesn’t mean you are a failure

One can stay stuck for any duration of time, two days, two weeks, two months or even two years. It all depends but, you just don’t have to remain stuck for ever. Think about when things were moving fine. What was your mind set at that moment- positive? It was positive for sure. It is no news that our mindset almost always diverts to the negatives when we start experiencing setbacks

 Removing myself from a stuck point and getting on to write this post took me a lot of intentional efforts and here I am.

So you are also stuck on something maybe because of this pandemic or even after the whole tragedy, a lotta people are going to be stuck (may that not be our fate­).

Various situation we may need to unstuck from

As we navigate through life as humans, we have few ways of knowing which track to take. Often times we hear charges like “own your decision and live your life without apology” but the truth is sometimes we don’t even have a decision.

A lot of us have world changing ideas but never turn to actualize them because we are stuck. There is a tiny voice in there always playing in the backgrounds telling us how all the ways we want to mount and execute that project will go wrong.

For those of us that believe in God, you want to get unstuck real bad and then you are wondering if it is Gods time at all.

In relationships we often get stuck. Who has not had those gut feelings that tells you “are you sure you should go ahead with this guy , is he not just one of those liars” and then we are stuck between deciding to go on or not.

 maybe just one of the situations above sounds like you or even all of them.

Some are stuck in a multiple of them at once. Maybe at 25 you have realized that you don’t know where you are headed in life or maybe you know but you just keep getting stuck on the way.

Ok enough of the maybes, but just somewhere in the line there. You need to get yourself unstuck.

If getting unstuck is possible then how?

Figuring out why and how you got stuck in the first place is the beginning of wisdom (something familiar about this line? i know). Like how can you ever even solve a problem you don’t know the cause! You will have to go back and evaluate, check within and out to know what is making you stuck. Have you been able to make a list of them? Cute!

When you look at this list, it will contain some stuff like limiting belief, negative self-talk, financial limitations, some hater who is in the way and, even  our environment (there was a time I will tell myself I can’t make videos because the environment am in has no good backgrounds, but who cares about that now).

So when I actually obtained this list, some of the items in there were even funny because I couldn’t believe I spoke myself in to believing in such limiting self-talks. So immediately I ticked them off. That’s the power of writing.

Ok so there are some creepy ones still hanging in there. Never to worry we are coming for them so, hang in.

Is it anything concerning your personal effectiveness (your productivity)? When you are in doubt of your productivity, mostly if you lack the work ethics people in a particular field you want to so venture in possess, there’s a series of no, no, no your mind will tell you and then you are stuck.

So when the cause of your being stuck comes from within, you have to disabuse your mind of such stuff. You are scared of making a fool of yourself if you don’t succeed?

Then you don’t know the tone of people who are out there that are also so scared to try and will just look at what you have done as bravery. Worry not just of the result yet.

Sometimes we feel our higher power (God) have not granted the permission yet. God will never want us to be stuck. If you are in one position and it’s not his time yet, he removes the frustration of feeling stuck and bestows us with patience where we can wait on him. But when you feel stuck, sis you have got to call on him while you make the efforts to move forward.

Never allow someone to feed you stuff like “God is the one behind your being stuck”

If you are stuck on a project because of financial reasons then I want to believe there’s somewhere you are expecting the funds to come from else take up the options that do not require funding while you wait.

I will like to recommend the works of Stephen Covey and David Allen which will not only help you see what is best next when you feel stuck but also an explicit approach to unveiling it all and getting unstuck .


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