I heard my name just as I was about to turn into St. Louis street  which is two streets away from my house


Blake is supposed to be in jail. An electric shock ran through my spine and traveled all through my nerves. I came to a standstill, not knowing if I should be happy or afraid that this could be the beginning of another problem. All the same a smile lilts my face as I ran to where he stood; just between the walk and the main road once he stepped out of his BMW.

I hugged him so tight I almost crushed his ribs. He was shaking, I couldn’t let go but I eased up not leaving him completely because I felt my knees failing me at this point as they were turning into jelly. It feels good seeing him outside the confined walls of the prison.

As we were standing, he dropped to one knee and I am afraid he will be run off by a coming car. I bent down to help him up and that is when I saw it. A diamond.  In a box.  He is looking at me with the question already in his eyes before he could even say it.

I have always told my friends that I will never be dramatic when my man proposes to me. I knew I was going to marry Blake so nothing will be new if he brings the ring. Not until now, everything has evolved. It’s the same Blake only it looks like in the movies and the feeling is really, really out of this world.

Blake was involved in a robbery case five years ago which earned him a seven years sentence. This is just five years and here he is.

“Baby don’t do this” I told him

“Babe listen to me, nothing will go wrong. These guys are my homies, they believe in me and I can’t let them down”.

When I couldn’t convince him otherwise, I decided to help him execute it.

Blake’s friends worked with a very acclaimed automobile company which they claimed has not given them all their due benefits. To me this guys were doing well, they had very good benefits, good insurance packages and many more but they always said “we deserve more”. They wanted to leave the company and get away with them. This is where Blake was involved.

 His friends have asked him to help breach the security system of their company so that they could make away with some of the company’s valuables like pieces of information and materials.

They said they had reasons, reason I never understood but Blake made me believe that the company deserved it.

On the fix date, after the boys have stolen everything, my boyfriend was the last person to exit the office when a security man caught him.

I felt bad partly because I should have convinced him well enough not to do this and on the other hand I could have done something to distract the security man when I saw him making the wrong move  because I was practically present but, I froze in fear.

He was tried and sentenced seven years imprisonment. When I visited for the first time, he asked me “will you wait for me”

“I will be here” I didn’t know if I was going to wait for him, I wasn’t sure. he didn’t trust my reply just the way I didn’t trust it myself so he kept on pleading that I wait for him.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years. It is only with time that I realized I wanted to wait for him. As long as he was alive and there was hope for one day, I wanted to wait for him. In every letter he wrote me and every time I visited, I saw appreciation.

Blake has done a lot of things for me and he has being a brother that I never had and so if this could be the only thing I will do for him then, I was willing.

 Today just makes five years. I visited last month and he didn’t tell me anything about his discharge.

He is here with a ring, I am crying now as he slid it on to my finger in front of the world. Yes, I said in front of the world because, right now at this moment there is traffic and a lot of people are filming on their iphones what not. I can’t help it, this is going to be news. I can only imagine the headlines.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were due?”

“Because it would have ruined the surprise”

His case was reviewed by a new government and he was favored. I can’t remember how many times I prayed am not sure many, but the few times I did God heard.

I my engagement would never be a surprise tome, I knew already I was going to marry Blake but with everything that has evolved. This guy, he is got control over everything all the times.

Maybe this is God’s way of giving me this special gift of feelings.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, you just need to be happy.


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