Choosing a career is something that poses a challenge to both young minds and even the aged when it comes to changing career.

while I got to senior high school, I didn’t know what to chose as my major because I never knew what I wanted to become.

With all the other kids declaring I wanna be a doctor, I wanna be lawyer, I wanna be an engineer….. I wasn’t sure I wanted t be any of those. I still had to choose something any way.

After high school I had to see a counselor because I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. No passion, No hobbies.

Many counselors start by asking what is your passion? what do you love doing? This way, they are gonna find something for you, like place you in a category.

when I was relieved of my teaching job two months ago I felt relieved rather, but this is what I thought was my own passion. So I decided to go for what will deliver value and am loving it. 

Yea, its OK to find your passion and work in that zone. 

Yet, they are many people who don’t even know what their passion is, they don’t know what they love doing. Surprised? I didn’t know too, except I knew that I loved to sleep. When I thought I have found one, I failed at it.

 So I came to realization that passion is an emotion towards something  rather and not ability or a plan. This feeling can fade away at some point and should not determine choosing a career.

Simply depending on what our passion is to choose a career limits us from opportunities that would have made our lives even better. You disagree with me?  Now if you can go back and check what your interest was while you were a kid, it won’t align with what it is now.

Probably you will be asking if choosing a career is not by interest then what? 

In my experience and judgement, I will say choose something what is valuable. Doing what is valuable is more satisfying than simply sticking to your passion.

Find out who you are, what you do, who you do it for and whether these people need it or want it. that’s how you know you are doing something valuable.

So do you have a kid that is looking up to you on career counseling I hope you will know what to tell them. Or you have been laid off from your job and its difficult to make a career change.

Let go the old slogan “do what you have passion for” and buy “do what is valuable”

Thanks for stopping by. I hope its worth your time and helpful.



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