Today, everyone is just trying to move very fast, walking round the clock to achieve goals and make ends meet.

This is so common that taking time to engage in very elaborate relaxation activities becomes daunting and almost look like a waste of time.

But as long as this life is concerned, stress is inevitable and we  must mange it well to keep moving on. This is why relaxation is important 

personally, I am less productive when am stressed up. it is important to relax ………come on and just show your self some love and relax.

Different people have different ways of relaxing. To someone relaxing could be just folding up in the couch with a cup of tea and watching their favorite television program. And to another it could be jogging. so you see?

It’s time to slow down your roles and relax. while this methods may be personal, one or too should work for you.

                         Simple ways to calm from stress


what ever you higher power is. I pray to God, it helps me remember that just because am having a ha time does not mean am leaving a hard life

Hot tea

Yea…….. the tea has to be purposely hot. When its really hot, I just sip through slowly holding on to the mug. This helps to slowly sort the muscles and relax the nerves

No social media

A social media vacation thats what it is yeaa! You have to get out of peoples life just get into your own life. This helps you to evaluate you life while resting you count your achievements…… matter how little they may be yet it brings satisfaction and relaxation.

Listen to music

I love listening to music….so much. Find your type of music and listen to, it takes you completely of  this world. You can accompany it with dancing, you must not be a star, am not either but i do.

Make the schedule loose

So, I am stressed? why still make the schedule tight? make it loose sunshine. You just list a few things and go with the flow for the day. This allows your mind to relax and then your muscles as well by merely being conscious that you have less to accomplish..


This could be just sitting out in the lawns or water side, visiting the zoo, any one available. Nature has a sorting effect on the soul that bring relief and eases tension.

Relaxing is important, it helps us to refuel.

Hope you found something helpful. Always stop by.


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