What’s your new year resolutions? 

So it’s less than a month we arrive 2019. 2018 has gone, it actually looks like yesterday. We are already setting goals for the coming year

Adapting new habits doesn’t usually come easily, I must be frank,especially the positive ones. I struggle,and one day I just realize woooo, this is now part of me. so its OK if you struggle at first, don’t just give up. Start now.

These little positive habits I have put together are little  things that make big things happen.

Simple positive habits that brings great results.

Wake up Early

How many times do you turn the alarm off before you finally get up? you have to quit the habit. Waking up early allows you enough time to achieve every task at a good space and it creates more time for yourself in the morning.

Morning pages

So, am seriously not gonna take credit for this one, I read it somewhere.

Morning pages is an idea that allows you to put down fresh ideas as you are just getting up from bed. Without corrupting your mind with any thoughts, social media and mails, just go ahead and put down those dream streaming your brain and you will see the beautiful ideas.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t miss it. Eating breakfast gives you energy that prepares you for the task ahead of the day and it makes you less vulnerable to disease. 

Work out

It is important to take care of your body because, your physical appearance determines a great percentage of your confidence.

Keep to time

Improving your time management skill is a great thing to do. It minimizes mistakes. when you keep to time you won’t rush rather, you carry out tasks in a way that brings good results.

Clean up your space

A clean space helps me to think straight and I think it does for everyone. It also helps you to keep up with everything. You won’t have too much to clean if you always keep your space neat.

Forced Accountability

You don’t have to hire some million-dollar coach for this one. What I do here basically is I tell my friend about what I will like to do for the day and he keeps check like “hey you said you were going to put up two posts, have you done that”.

And I can’t stand telling him” no”. Yes,this must be someone you respect.

Or you can set deadlines for yourself. Just any way you want to do it, which will put to your mind that girl! You are going to give account.

This little things put the big things in place. Enjoy.

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