I can say this is the best time to learn any new skill or what so ever it is you have been procrastinating or struggling with. Could you imagine I have gotten a good grip of my forward spring now? Though I do it only on the mattress, because I dare not try it on the floor I might be risking breaking a bone. I still think that’s a good result. Something I have been trying for years without consistency.

Staying at home can feel  pleasant when you have decided to stay on your own terms but when you have to stay because you have to stay and you have no choice but to stay then oh no…. it doesn’t feel right. It feels like a house arrest or something. But in this quarantine, you don’t even know what your offense is and it makes it even more excruciating.

Now, say what?

We have been staying inside 24/7. For the first time in history we are having a complete 24/7 to ourselves but, do you know what? In this situation we are in it is easier to use all this time to complain about how we are losing money, how it’s boring, how much we miss our friends and all of that.

What can you do to maximize this whole time of quarantine. Truth is, we don’t know what is laying ambush for us after the quarantine. Instead of worrying about what the economy will look like after here, or if people will remember the road that leads to your store make the most out of the time. If you don’t do something with this opportunity then you won’t be doing yourself any good. Or probably you have exhausted your list of activities.

Could that be the case? Then I think you should take on some of these ones. At this time in our lives, we are staying at home without any pressure to move fast like how the world is usually moving? I think is a lifetime opportunity to learn some lifesaving skills.

If for the sake of being smart you have exhausted your list already or you were just spending the whole time complaining about the situation then please don’t be the loser. When we come out of this quarantine you will realize so many of your smart friends have learnt new skills. Be one of them.

So here is a really cute list of what to do next. This list has been coined from my following of really prominent people (are you thinking of the Kardashians like am thinking).  I am sorry to have mentioned them if you are a hater but am just really obsessed with them. They are many of them (including myself, winks) anyway, from religious to rich and all. So let’s go with the list.

video editing

There are a lot of free video editing apps you can lay hands on which are less advanced and easy to understand and you can use on you mobile phone even. Probably you must have admired a friend that did a video with a real cool edit. Then this is your time to learn too.

Who knows where you will need a cool video to put your product out there out there after this pandemic for the world to see you because, it’s really going to be crowded. Or even if you just want to pass a message out to the world. Now everyone has the audience of the world it’s just for you to have something to say, put it in a good video and that’s all.

You don’t want them to see your face? Cool you can learn how to do all of that. I can suggest

shop now

The last one I tried to create was a terrible concoction because, the cinnamon proportion was a little too much. I will be trying it again. That’s the idea. You will have time to come out with very perfect recipes because you have the time to go over it over and over. You can even make a family recipe book.  

Learn a quick house cleaning routine

So I saw this lady that said after two weeks of staying at home for the quarantine, she realized time is not the reason why she has not been able to clean her house and I could absolutely relate. If you can relate too then I think this is time to learn a quick house cleaning routine and also learn how to use some cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners.        

Learn how to cook

 I bet the society will not accept you back if after this quarantine you still don’t know how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook already then this is a good time to learn since you are staying at home with family to give you the support and all the feedback on how awful you are or how you are making progress. And there will be there to stop you from making gross mistakes so that you don’t waste groceries because damn food is golden right now.

Start a side hustle

 Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Affiliate marketing?  So you see, there are many options out there.  With what has happened a good number of business will go digital after now, and in the nearest future only businesses with a room on the internet will survive. Start working on yours now. Starting a new hustle can be really challenging because most times, results do not come in immediately. But here we are with the time to really strategize it. No pressure. You have all the time of whoever you need to guide you through it all.

Learn new workout moves

 If you have abandoned your workout routine then now is the time to up your game. This is the Time to learn new moves to impress yourself and your coach or your clients.

Learn how to use a new program

New programs and apps are a bit not cool to learn how to use from scratch especially when you are not getting it. I usually drop it on the tired trial, like what the heck I don’t have time. But with the passing event where we are in this global pandemic, I used zoom for the first (do not laugh at me) to attend my webinars. I have taken days with patience and consistency to understand what exactly I can do with this app apart from just inserting my webinar link and listening. What am I saying? I am saying that this is the perfect time to learn anything new. You have all the time and an unsuspected amount of patience do it.

Read books

Reading is a very productive habit. Either you are reading for knowledge or for fun, there is always a gain. make the most out of this time by reading as much as you can, no matter how little. Certain historical books, self help and fiction are very inspiring. if you would like recommendations from me, do let me know in d comment section/

Just make the most out of this time. Spend less time complaining.