“No way, that’s my Victoria secret panty”

“Just find it for me, am sure I left it at your apartment”.

“See you during the weekend”.

That was my girlfriend on the phone. We have been together for approximately 4 months, that’s three months and four days to be precise. She called and told me one of her panties she brought to my apartment was missing. She asked me to find it and I was of the opinion that she should just forget about it, “it’s just a panty” we can find it anytime. She told me it’s a Victoria secret panty which I knew instinctively that it means costly. So Victoria secret it is, I have to find it.

I looked everywhere we have been in the act: kitchen, launch, and bathroom. I came back to the couch and then when I couldn’t find it, I abandoned the job for the day to continue on the quest the following day.

The next day while I came back from work I sat on the couch to play the games then I saw a strap hanging somewhere deep down in the spaces of the couch. I pulled it out and it was a bra. Remember I was asked to find a panty. I just figured out we must have left the panty too here; the bra was perhaps neglected because it is not a Victoria secret. Not like I can tell which ladies under wear belonged to which brand but, I learnt Victoria secret from my girl yesterday.

I lifted the couch and there it was, I saw it. I felt like a superman at this point. I am asked to find one but I found two. I found two, this is a good one. It will earn me a special kiss.

Fast forward to the weekend, my girlfriend came back and I handed her the two tiny pieces of cloths. With a wild smile on my face, I presented it to her. Just like a kid would present his victory trophy to his mum expecting a hair ruffle that says good boy.

Then something happened. She picked the panty and handed the bra right back.

“This is not mine”

Obviously, I don’t wear bras. So who does it belong to? I am the one in trouble if we don’t figure it out. I like this girl and I don’t want her to leave just yet. We have been uptight close since we started dating. She just went to visit her parents at the country side.  

“What do you mean?” I managed to ask.

“The bra is not mine”

I felt stupid you know, I didn’t even know how I will explain. Because damn it! I had no explanation. I actually didn’t know where it came from. Will it make sense if I told her this?

So I collected my rejected trophy, in frustration I just rubbed my forehead and waited for what next she will say. She started laughing and then she said “oh nooo, It must belong to a past girlfriend   because I have not given you the slightest space since we met.

I thought I didn’t hear her well, but then she kissed me and walked past me to the fridge where she got her self an ice cream bowl and shared the first few spoons with me.

I just knew she was the one this moment.

Some things, if you try to provide an explanation for them you will end up looking stupid. You just need someone to understand.


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