The Stress Free Diet

In today’s world, stress levels are very high, everyone is on the run, moving really fast trying to kick the goal and then having little or no time to pay attention to petty health problems which actually turn to manifest the fatal scenarios. A migraine or a digestive problem every now and then is considered a normal condition by a good population because, it turns to diminish with little time. But what about the lasting impression it leaves on the system? Taking on a stress free diet will go a long way in helping the system

 A healthy and a stress free diet should leave the body rejuvenated and recuperating. Besides, your attitude towards your health is important as well as what you eat. Many of the foods we rely on in times of stress are stress inducing by nature. Making better choices that gives us a wider range of mental and physical clarity will be a wiser option.

Many at times when we feel stressed, we choose to go for the unhealthy counterparts instead. It is important to pay attention to your diet at any point in your life because, it is what you are.

Is a stress-free diet of any importance?

Alix Krista made it clear in her book titled “the book of stress survival” that a good diet should strengthen the body’s defense against stress and allow the internal organs to rest and recuperate. It is good to have a primary knowledge of the kind of foods that trigger stress and weaken the body system

The way some mere habits such as eating while reading cooking and chatting with a friend on the phone  or doing some house hold activity may turn to affect your diet; that is the same way certain foods have a trigger effect on our stress levels. Some foods influence mood and behavior. For instance the way it is common with alcoholic drinks such that it is easy it act or behave under their influence, and having them affect our mood, that is how other foods also have a trigger effect on our stress levels.

How certain foods induce stress

When we eat sugary foods, blood sugar levels spike and the body has to release more cortisol to balance blood sugar. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for regulating both sugar levels and stress. Increased cortisol can cause sleep issues, migraines, decrease in immune system and unhealthy food cravings which increases stress levels.

Processed foods are usually left with little or no fiber making you feel bloated and uneasy.

Too much caffeine leaves your adrenal glands hyperactive keeping you excessively alert without relaxing.

Studies have shown that the flow of saturated fatty lipids into cells unchecked may cause cellular stress that will result into killing the cell.

It will be better to rely on the healthy  choices that are less stress inducing

 Vegetables; Raw or slightly steamed or blanched vegetables have a higher nutrient quantity retained. The colour, texture and test they add to a meal makes them more enjoyable.

Salads combinations of fruit nuts and raw vegetables are very palatable they add texture, colour and taste  

Fiber; the following food are fiber rich: whole wheat flour bread and pasta, brown rice, sweet corn, beans and pulses potatoes with their skins and raw vegetables

 Fruit; the hype on fruit and their health benefit cannot be over emphasized.  Instead of going for sweet snacks like biscuits, jams, cakes, chocolate and sweet sugared cereal fruits will be a better option.

Possible replacement to reach for a stress-free diet.

Sweet foods

Sweet foods such as biscuit, jams cakes, chocolates, sugared cereals, sweet drinks, honey relishes, puddings, pies, processed foods containing hidden sugar can be replaced with their healthy and less stress inducing counterparts such as sugar free jam, apple butter, apple and pear spread, black molasses, muesli, aspartame, sugar substitute, dates, dried fruits, fresh fruit juice.

Saturated /animal fats

Fatty red meat, pork, bacon, sausages, hamburgers, lard, suet dripping, hard margarine, full-fat milk , cream, full-fat yoghurt, fried foods, butter, full-fat cheese, hidden fats in sauces, dressings and soups can be replaced with lean chicken, fish, game, polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarine, skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, cottage cheese, goat milk cheese.

Processed/refined foods

White flour, white rice, white bread, pre-packed foods, all foods in the sweet category can be replaced with brown rice, whole wheat flour, rye, barley, corn, oats, buckwheat; whole meal bread, pasta, and rice, pulses, beans, whole grain cereals


Instead of having chips, crisps, salted nuts, processed foods that use salt as a preservative you can replace them with raw unsalted nuts, pumpkin seeds, raw vegetables and seaweed


Coffee, tea, cola drinks, some painkillers can be replaced with herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee, dandelion coffee, fresh vegetable and fruit juice, spring water.

It may be practically impossible to keep a strict adherence the whole list but, this information will guide you to minimize it the minimal rate possible and healthy.

Source: the book of stress survival


  1. Jean-Marie

    Great read! I will try my very best to apply this in my life and to stick to it! Health is so important and healthy eating has so many benefits (skin, energy levels, not just the body).

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